Garden Wildlife

From the start of 2017 Barbara and I have had a bird nesting box, fitted with a camera. It inspired me to also get a trail camera to capture feeding activity at our feeding station. I subsequently trained an IP security camera on the exterior of the nest box to capture the moment the chicks fledged. Then I bought another ip camera to film our bird bath.

For 2018 we had a 4 Mp IP camera fitted to the original nest box and the Trail camera was relagated to occasional use.

We have several nest boxes in our garden, one is too remote from power or the network, but has Blue Tits nesting in it, every year for the last twelve years, our new open fronted box has had interest from Blue Tits but not from Robins etc that it was intended for and remained empty for the season.

The nest camera has had mixed results, the birds cover the lens with material which obviously hampers observation, we've had blue tits and sparrows in the box and both species cover the lens!

Covid took over our lives rather in 2020 as Barbara works in our local hospital. Although we observed wildlife in our garden I neglected to upload it to this site as we were somewhat distracted.

2021 has seen the inclusion of a 8Mp ip camera, it has full control of direction and focus of the lens, at the moment we are obsessed with hedgehogs. We are trying to establish how they access and move about our garden. Most available cameras have been utilised in tracking the hedgehogs.

In 2022 we continued to watch our hedgehogs and we have had an addition to our observed bird species a Cetti's Warbler no less.

2023 brings us a new gadget, namely the BirdBuddy, we are to further our hedgehog studies and look forward to filming more species in our garden, and add to our 35 bird species total.