Barbara's South West Coastl Path walks

My partner Barbara retired this year (2023) and felt the time was right, and it's something she had always wanted to do.
With the company of her three daughters, Lisa, Tina and Sarah they were off to walk the 290 mile Cornish section of the South West Coastal Path, in bite sized chunks. They started in May, hoping for a good summer of fortnightly walks. Each section of the route I researched to ensure it was "do-able" in a reasonable time, having established a target destination it required us to recce the finishing point, for this I was rewarded with a "Recce Brekie," this could have lead to a whole blog of it's own, because we had some meorable breakfasts.
To ease the travel arrangements I drove the girls to their start point, then met them at our rendevous several hours later. The girls recorded the walks with photographs and videos taken on their mobile phones and on their return home I downloaded said media and processed it into a video. Along with facts and points of interest my research had gleaned, the video was edited then posted on YouTube for each walk.
The SWCP Association have created a series of rubber stamps that can be collected at businesses along the route, they can be stamped into a "Passport", unfortunately we found many gaps!