Hedgehogs and their manoeuverings.
The initial reason for filming was to establish where the hedgehogs came and went so that we could ascertain the optimum position for a hedgehog house. If we could establish a thriving colony then maybe I could set up a nest cam in the future.
We've been feeding Hedgehog pellets, sunflower hearts, peanuts and general wild bird seed, we avoided oft recommended cat food because of the number of cats we already have visiting the garden. They are very inquisitive, and quite powerful climbers, I've seen one climb a 60 degree slope for 40cms. We are not the only ones watching these hedgehogs because there are two hedgehogs with paint markings on them, although we haven't observed the single spotted one for a couple of weeks now.
The links are a collection of clips collected from the cameras around  our front and back gardens. During the course of filming we encountered a few more creatures.The shorter clips are linked here, others have been uploaded onto a YouTube channel; click the bar to subscribe to this channel.

Meeting  Threesome  Scratching 
Rock Climbing Gravity Colour
Climbing a Wall   Crossing a drain