Blue Tit Story

19/12/2016    Bought Nest box/Camera setup from
11/01/2017    Installed nest box
19/02/2017    Bird starts roosting overnight
04/04/2017    Nest building starts in earnest
21/04/2017    1st egg appears
28/04/2017    6th and final egg laid
10/05/2017    1st chick hatched
12/05/2017    6th chick hatched
23/05/2017    Eyes opening
29/05/2017    Chicks fledge

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Box entry study
Last egg hatched
Grub up, then clean up!
Still got 6
Starting to look like Blue Tits
Nice display of wing feathers
On the move
Home alone!
No wonder mum stayed out!
Fledgling 1
Fledgling 2
Fledgling 3
Fledglings 4 & 5
Fledgling 6