Blue Tit Story 2017

19/12/2016 Bought setup from
11/01/2017 Installed nest box
19/02/2017 Bird starts roosting overnight
04/04/2017 Nest building starts in earnest
21/04/2017 1st egg appears
28/04/2017 6th and final egg laid
10/05/2017 1st chick hatched
12/05/2017 6th chick hatched
23/05/2017 Eyes opening
29/05/2017 Chicks fledge

Click on a title below to view a clip
Box entry study Still got 6
Last egg hatched Starting to look like Blue Tits
Snuggled Nice display of wing feathers
Teatime On the move
Elevenses Home alone!
Grub up, then clean up! No wonder mum stayed out!
Fledgling 1 Fledglings 4 & 5
Fledgling 2 Fledgling 6
Fledgling 3